IP Monetization

IP Monetization & Portfolio Management

Your company has one or many patents, now what do you do with them? What are the steps to monetize these patents to turn your cost center into a profit center.

IPStromTM guides you in minimizing risks and determining what steps to take to monetize your IP. We will help you build an OEM licensing strategy or suggest litigation with a legal team.****

IP Strategy

IP Strategy & Contracts for Startups & Mid-sized Companies

How does your company protect its IP? What are the best ways to build a culture of innovation? How do you choose a law firm to assist your efforts in creating patents, trade marks, copyrights, trade secrets and other forms of IP?

IPStromTM is ready to be your guide. We reduce your risks and educate you on your options and potential outcomes.

IP Litigation 

IP Litigation Support, Strategy & Case Management

IPStromTM guides you and your company through the difficult phases of IP Litigation. We help you understand your options and will work with your current legal team or help you build the right team for your situation.

Contact IPStromTM first if you get a cease & desist letter or your want to begin the process of stopping an infringer from destroying your market.

IPStromTM offers a unique service for technology companies

that need their IP to raise capital

or to provide protection

in the markets they are entering.


IPStromTM builds your IP strategy to fit your business and financial needs.