IP Portfolio Review & Management

Looking to get your Intellectual Property assets under control?

By understanding your patent portfolio goals, we assist you in making the right decisions on how to grow and prune your IP Portfolio for the maximum value to shareholders and for company valuation.

Startups also need a workable IP strategy to create the largest asset cache for valuation or sale.

Patents & Innovation

We offer assitance in helping you create a culture of innovation as you bring your development team under a single Intellectual Property-Patent strategy.

We offer  assistance in helping you and your team get the most from your creativity. Capture the best innovation and turn it into assets.

Turn Your Organization into an IP Factory

Do you need assistance in organizing your company or department to capture your IP and assign it properly?

Do you need help finding and licensing the best IP within your company? What have you missed in your IP assets that can make a large profit gain in your company? We help you manage and develop the best IP assets within your budget - patent licensing.

IPStromTM offers a unique service for companies to get the most from their innovation, IP & Patent Portfolios.

Stop guessing...let IPStrom create the best asset pool for IP valuation.


Patent Litigation - If you are contemplating patent litigation or other 

type of IP litigation, or are unsure where you stand in an ongoing case or received a patent cease-and-desist...IPStrom can help. Ask us how.


IP Licensing - We build complete programs to license your IP, patents, know-how or technolgy.